Automatic Transmission Is The Best Solution For You: Know Why It Consumes Less Fuel?

People prefer automatic Transmission cars over manual cars and the simple reason for this is the easy transmission gear. It has major benefits for a long period. The trend of automatic cars started in the early 2000s and eventually grew over time. The answer to the question of whether automatic transmission consumes less fuel is yes. Compared to manual transmission they consume less fuel. That’s a major reason people are shifting from manual to automatic. The mileage of the car also depends upon the use of the car.

Benefits of an Automatic Car

 There are many people who still choose to use a manual car simply because these are affordable. Little do they know; that they will be saving on a lot more lately with the absolute benefit of an automatic car. Some of the functioning benefits of an automatic car is mentioned below:

  1. No wastage

 In manual cars, the fuel is wasted even though it provides better efficiency. In automatic transmission the fuel is not wasted, that’s a major reason it consumes less fuel. When the car is running at high speed the torque gets locked which avoids wastage of fuel. Due to modern advanced technology, this is possible. In the early times, automatic cars used to waste fuel and were a little inefficient but now they’re not.


 In automatic cars, they have improved their technology and have reduced the friction of the clutches. Once the friction is reduced, the transmission, the engine and the brake system work in coordination. The gear changing always happens on time. In a manual car, it takes time for this coordination and that’s the cause why they consume more fuel. Over the years the automatic transmission has been refined and much better.

  1. Gear changing

 For an automatic car, you don’t need to change gear manually every time you shift gear, it happens automatically. All you need to do is to control the brake and accelerator. The automatic gear changing removes more than half the stress. The gear is changed at the right time and right speed so the energy gets saved. In a manual car, some people can only achieve that others need time to change the gear and fuel is required more. Automatic gear changing consumes less fuel.

  1. Driving style

 You don’t need to worry about changing so people tend to increase their speed and apply brakes frequently. That is the wrong method. You should apply brakes whenever required and not unnecessarily. Try to slow down when you see an obstacle instead of applying an immediate brake. If you apply brakes at a minimum level your fuel efficiency will be at the best level. Otherwise, your feel efficiency level will go down and your brake pad will also need servicing which can be expensive.


 There is obviously a manual guidebook provided along with the car which lets you all the dos and the don’t for your car. To keep your car in good shape for a longer time try not be aggressive while driving and follow the guidebook provided. Automatic transmission if maintained properly they don’t consume more fuel. Time to time servicing is what a car requires. If that is done your car will save fuel. If automatic cars are not maintained then their fuel efficiency deteriorates and they may consume more fuel than manual cars. Maintenance is an important factor to consider. Always keep your car well maintained. contact an expert for the automatic transmission replacement or repair.

These are the reasons why automatic transmission consumes less fuel. You need to take care of a few things to retain the fuel efficiency of your car.  If you buy an automatic car, they will save your fuel money every year. Even if the fuel prices rise you don’t need to worry as your automatic car consumes less fuel compared to manual cars. Automatic cars have more benefits than manual cars, so it’s always better to buy an automatic car.