Custom Kraft Boxes Guide – Significance, Pros and Cons

Custom Kraft boxes are a great way to promote your business and provide environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional paper boxes. You may even be able to save money while making your company more successful and popular. Most modern-day printers have the ability to print Kraft boxes wholesale directly from the printer, but you can find it cheaper if you opt for a pre-made kit instead of purchasing the paper in bulk.

We’ve all heard about the importance of going green, but what does that mean for your business?
Kraft boxes are an eco-friendly packaging option that can help you take a big step towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

What Are Kraft Boxes Wholesale?

Custom Kraft boxes are boxes made of Kraft paper, a type of paper manufactured from wood pulp. In many cases, these boxes are created in part from recycled paper and maybe fully recyclable. They’re commonly utilize to make custom shoe boxes, customized pillow boxes, custom bakery boxes, and more!

If you are in the market for packaging, you have likely noticed that many products are now packaged in Kraft boxes. This is because these boxes allow for cheaper, more sustainable production and disposal of packaging.
In this article we will discuss:
-What Kraft boxes are
-The history of Kraft boxes
-How Kraft boxes can create
-And why you should consider using them for your packaging needs.

Pros of Kraft Boxes


As we mentioned above, custom Kraft boxes are considered a green packaging option because they’re created with environmentally friendly materials. When you choose to use kraft paper for your custom packaging, you’ll be doing your part to help save trees and protect the environment—and that’s something you can feel good about! Custom printed kraft boxes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to package their goods in an eco-friendly way.
Another benefit to Kraft boxes is that they are strong. When the paper fibers pressed together, they create a very strong material that can withstand heavy items. For this reason, kraft boxes are usually use to package heavy things like bricks.


Custom Kraft paper is much less expensive than other types of paper and packaging materials like plastic or cardboard, making it an economical choice for businesses on a budget. You can save money without sacrificing quality when you use custom Kraft boxes for your packaging needs!


Kraft paper is biodegradable, which means it’s safe to throw away without filling up a landfill. It can even recycle or use for composting!

These boxes are create from recycle materials. In fact, every one of our Kraft custom box orders is generate from 100% reusable material—making these boxes many times more eco-friendly than any other packaging option out there. What does this mean for you? It means that you can feel good about using our product to package yours—and so can your customers!

Here’s what makes these boxes special: high-quality cardboard, sturdiness, and durability. These things were built to last—they’ll keep your product safe from outside forces and also from damage caused by moving or rough handling within your own facility.

Did you know that Custom Cardboard Packaging is one of the largest manufacturers of Kraft boxes in the nation? Or maybe you’re thinking, “What even ARE Kraft boxes?”

Either way, we’re here to change that. For those of you who don’t know what Kraft boxes are: they’re kind of like the meatloaf of packaging materials. And we mean that in the best way possible!

We’ve got a few shipping boxes to show you the unique qualities that make up this material and why you should consider it for your next order.

We’ve got small, medium, and large options:

1) The small box is 11 x 8 x 4, is great for jewelry or smaller items, and can hold up to 3 pounds.
2) The medium box is 14 x 11 x 6 and can hold up to 5 pounds.
3) The large box is 18 x 13 x 10 and can hold up to 10 pounds. These boxes are perfect for most anything from books to shoes or from sporting equipment to foodstuffs. You’ll come back for more every time!