Electric Bike Vs Normal Bike: Which Is Perfect For You

Electric Bike: Are you new to biking or have recently taken it up after a couple of years? We understand that it can be overwhelming. E-bikes becoming more popular these days. They are convenient as means of transport. But there are lots of misconceptions about the best electric bikes. People think that they are much similar to normal bikes. 

What is an electric bike and how do they differ from the normal bike? In this post, we’ll discuss some of the differences between an electric bike and a normal bike. From their design to everything we’ll dive into every aspect. Keep reading below and learn everything about the difference between electric bikes and normal bikes. 

What Is An Electric Bike?

With advancements in technology such as tube batteries and smaller motors, most electric bikes look similar to normal bikes. They have the same wheels, handlers and body geometry similar to regular pedal bikes. Also, the mechanical elements function in the same way such as pedals and brakes. 

How Electric bike is differ From a Normal bike?

Are you wondering how electric bikes differ from normal bikes? Well, an electric bike is a pedal bicycle with an additional electric system, which gives some power to you. It consists of motors, sensors, control, and display. 

1- Motor

It is a part of a bike that gives extra power to the pedal. But you can control the assistance provided by the motor using the control to switch between different modes. 

2- Sensor

It is the part of the bike which tells the motor that you’re paddling. And the motor starts giving assistance. 

3- Battery

The range of your electric bike on a single charge is determined by the capacity of the battery, which is combined with numerous other factors. It is easy to charge the battery, just unlock it and unclip it from your bike, then plug it into the charger. 

4- Controls

Sometimes control can be integrated with the display. They are small buttons placed on the left-hand side of your handlebars. It allows you to move between the available bikes. 

5- Display

Electric bike display will show a wide range of information such as battery level, range, speed, distance travelled, and the assistance mode. This varies from model to model and the types of e-bike you choose. 

Pros Of Electric Bikes

We’ve seen that electric bikes look similar to normal bikes, in most cases you need to padel just like normal bikes. There are many pros of choosing electric bikes over normal bikes. Here, we’ve mentioned some pros of electric bikes. 

  • Allow you to travel faster over the long distance. 
  • Electric bikes are great for commuting and you feel fresh when you arrive at the office. 
  • They are great for workouts as you still need pedals. When you pedal, your body gets worked out. 
  • They give you the confidence to tackle the hilly routes as riding up on the mountain if you’re not an active person.
  • It is cheaper than normal bikes.
  • There is no need for insurance and licences.
  • They are environment friendly as compared to a normal bike. They didn’t produce any harmful emissions. 

Cons Of Electric Bikes

There are many advantages to electric bikes over normal bikes. But there are disadvantages too. So, it is important to consider these factors when you make a decision. 

  • They are expensive as compared with normal bikes. 
  • The maintenance cost of electric bikes is slightly higher because of the additional electric compounds. 
  • The weight of an electric bike is more than a normal bike. The weight of e-bikes is 25kg while the weight of normal bikes is 10kg. It can also make it a little harder to transport and store.
  • They are very desirable so there is a risk that could be stolen if you left them on the street. 

As we can see, there are both pros and cons of choosing an electric bike over a normal bike. The main pros of an electric bike is an electric bike, which gives you assistance in pedalling and makes it easier to ride faster over a long distance. The main cons of electric bikes are high prices and heavyweight. 

Use Of Electric Bike

An electric bike looks similar to a normal bike. The assistance of the motor will add some extra power to the pedal. It makes things easier for you when you need it most. There are some examples of the use of the electric bike. 

  • Commuter — Electric bikes are used for a short distance, which makes them best for commuting work. 
  • Delivery Driver — For small business owners small delivery drivers could benefit by using electric bikes. 
  • Environmentalists — For those who are concerned about the environment, an electric bike is perfect for them. 
  • Senior Citizen — For senior citizens riding electric bikes would be the best thing.  Because riding a bike works their whole body.