Erectile Dysfunction problems and Cure

Erectile Dysfunction – Problem

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If things go wrong in the bedroom of men, the issue is often blamed on the condition of his penis. It is true that problems with diabetes, blood pressure and heart health as well as problems with the plumbing may result in not having the best performance in the bedroom but there could be psychological reasons at play. Psychological reasons account for around 10-20% of the cases of erectile dysfunction. In addition, some issues that start as a single physical issue may become a persistent psychological issue. The proper maintenance of your penis health and avoiding sweating over the little things can aid in keeping self-confidence bedroom and in erections that are firm.

Performance Anxiety

Anxiety about performance is an mental problem that many men be afflicted with at times However, it can become problematic when an overwhelming sense of fear is linked with the act and thereby reducing the performance and enjoyment. Many men are so worried about having their loved ones witness fireworks that they panic themselves out and are a certain opportunity for the evening to be a failure. The main issue with anxiety about performance can be that it feeds off itself and sets the scene for a self-fulfilling negative prediction.

Imagine this scenario: a guy and a woman have plans for a night out which are likely to bring about a intimate meeting However, the guy is awake the entire night worrying about the date that leaves him exhausted and unmotivated the following day at work. He is then late at work, is shouted to by his manager, and suffers from a heightened stress level throughout the day. When the big day arrives, he’s fatigued and does not perform to his best in the bedroom later that night. His companion, knowing this says, “Its okay, it happens to lots of guys.” A classic line, isn’t it?

The line is now stuck in his mind and he decides to improve the following night. However, there’s pressure to beat what he did, so he slips and again, which further reduces confidence in himself. The cycle could repeat itself as the person now suffers from an anxiety about failing at the door of his bedroom. What started out as a physical issue changed into a psychological issue of anxiety about performance?

Small Penis Syndrome

A lot of guys have wondered what their status is in the male sphere however, while for many this may be an ordinary inquiry but for others, it could be a complete mental state, sometimes at the level of becoming obsessed. Small Penis Syndrome is a mental state in which men with a sufficient size penis believe the penis they have is small and then fall into the point of depression and anxiety about their female partner. They get obsessed with the notion that they can’t be sexually attractive to their partner. They might even be afraid of sexually exposing themselves to someone else. People with this disorder tend to seek unnecessary medical appointments, and decide to undergo an operation to lengthen their penis.

Other psychological aspects

Numerous other psychological factors could negatively impact the health of a man’s sexual performance. Stress & guilt, and shame, as well as depression and a lack of enthusiasm, can be the main causes of ED. A feeling of being unsatisfied with one’s abilities in the bedroom or the appearance of one’s love stick can lead lower self-esteem and decrease confidence levels.

Maintaining Sexual Health

As ED due to physical causes is treatable and treated, so too can ED that is caused by stressors in the mind. For chronic cases of anxiety, depression and Small Penis Syndrome, psychotherapy that is administered by a certified counselor has been proven to be successful in the treatment of ED due to a psychological root.

Furthermore taking part in positive coping strategies and maintaining healthy physical condition, completing regular exercise and eating a balanced diet can help keep your body in good physical health. Regular use of a penis vitamin cream (most doctors suggest Man 1 Man Oil) could also boost sensitivity and improve the appearance and feeling of the penis that can increase confidence and self-esteem when it comes to the bedroom.

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Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Vitamins and Minerals

Chinese Wolfberry Fruit may sound unfamiliar to modern-day health food lovers, however it’s curative qualities that have made it a huge hit. Its medicinal properties include the ability to stop and even cure a variety of ailments that are common to men. A regular intake of this fruit assists in protecting and cleansing internal organs to keep your body in top health.

Herbal and natural remedies have been around in the past and are now have been proven to provide health benefits. The credit goes to those dedicated herbalists who never become exhausted looking for remedies that come from the life of plants.

This particular berry is abundantly in the Himalayas as well as China which is where the majority of renowned herbal medicine practitioners originate. From the time of its discovery to today, a variety of other names were given to the berry fruit. Many call it “Viagra Fruit” referring to the substantial erection and testosterone-boosting effects that come with the regular consumption of the fruit.

It’s true it is now on many men’s list of things to buy, especially those who are suffering from an erectile dysfunction. If you have suffering erectile dysfunction problems, so you can use Cenforce 150 medicine, it’s another doses is Cenforce 200 and Cenforce 50 medicines are also use to treat ED.

In addition to its libido-enhancing characteristics, the berries release enzymes that can be very effective to fight all kinds of heart and cancer ailments. It also contains the powerhouse of metabolic B vitamins as well as potent antioxidants, which makes this fruit a must-eat.

It is a great tonic for the kidneys and liver, two major organs needed to cleanse blood. Additionally, it is a source of amino acids and minerals, including Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous and Iron. Its Vitamin C content of each fruit is more than the amount of 500 oranges. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true to Chinese Wolfberry Fruit.

While it is best to consume it fresh, reputable manufacturers were able to create the extract of the fruit in dried, juice and tablet form for supplements. Producers have doubled their harvests as the annual demand is quite high.

If processed to create an herbal erectile dysfunction treatment, it creates an effect that synergizes, especially when combined with other powerful libido-boosting plants like Horny Goat Weed, Licorice, Chinese Yam, Job’s tears and Ginseng.

Similar to other general rules the only thing that nature has can provide men with these potent herbal remedies that offer just nutrients and none of the negative side effects that come with using the synthetic and commercial men’s supplements. Chinese Wolfberry Fruit might be unnoticed by some, but people who live in the highlands that comprise China and the Himalayas as well as China have been enjoying the advantages that this fruit offers.