How to Check MacBook Temperature

It’s high time to check the MacBook’s temperature as the internal temperature of your device may rise due to various activities which are happening inside it. Usually, if you’re working on your Mac for a longer duration then it’s prone to overheating and it may be a potential reason behind reducing the performance of the device significantly.


So, you must check the Mac’s temperature frequently to avoid any issues. As per the user’s experience MacBook performs efficiently when its temperature remains in the range of 10-35° C. The inbuilt fan helps you to maintain a constant temperature inside the MacBook so that you can use it smoothly. But sometimes the fan isn’t sufficient to deal with increased temperature in the MacBook. In this article, we will give you the three best solutions to detect the temperature of your MacBook.

Different Ways to Check Macbook Temperature

  • By using Terminal in the device
  • By using any third party tool like the fanny
  • Through activity monitor.

1. How to check the temperature on a MacBook by using an activity monitor?

 Search for an activity monitor in your device to get know about which processes are deteriorating your MacBook performance.

  • Click on the finder in the Mac dock to get access to this feature. Click on Go>Utility and select the activity monitor.
  • This is the only way that the MacBook can detect temperature. Although this isn’t a perfect solution for your performance.

So, we will suggest you choose any reliable and trustable third-party tool to get to know the temperature status of your system.

2. How to check the temperature by using the terminal of your MacBook?


  • Open the utility on your device.
  • A search will appear on your screen in which you have to insert a command:- samples SMC |grep-i “CPU die temperature.
  • Wait for a moment and then enter your Mac password.
  • After some time, the internal temperature of your device will appear on your MacBook screen.

However, a terminal is a better approach to detect MacBook temperature but you have to use some complicated commands which are a little bit cumbersome. So, if you want to make your task easier and faster then we will suggest you use any third-party tool.

3. How to check Macbook temperature via a third-party tool?

 Although there are a lot of temperature detecting tools available in the market you must use any trustworthy and most efficient tool. In this article, we will introduce you to fanny which is highly effective in temperature detection and help you to maintain MacBook temperature to an optimum level.

Fanny is a third-party mac temperature monitor app that makes your task simple. This software comes with many advanced features like a preference menu, refresh interval, etc. which provides you a perfect solution to high temperatures on MacBook. You have to just follow these steps to use fanny in your Mac:-

  • Download fanny from its official website.
  • As soon as the downloading procedure finishes this will be placed on the notification center automatically.
  • macbook
  • When you click on the icon of this app then it will show you both fan speed as well as the internal temperature of CPU as well as GPU.

This is the perfect tool to know about the speed of fans in a MacBook which is very crucial for maintaining optimum temperature in a device. You can also read the detailed review on Bestmacadvisor website.

  • FAQs:-

 How to prevent temperature problems in a MacBook?

 If you are facing overheating problems in your MacBook frequently then we will suggest you follow these methods to prevent overheating:-

  • Keep your MacBook up to date
  • Don’t use any unauthorized charger.
  • Restart your system
  • The surface should be plain.
  • Don’t cover your MacBook.


 Optimum Temperature is the primary requirement of a system for getting a higher performance. Usually, various processes are going inside your device which raises its internal temperature. Ultimately this temperature variation will reduce the speed of your MacBook drastically. There are different Optimum Temperature ranges for different systems so there is no one size fits all approach to work on this issue. So, to avoid such complications we provide you with the top 3 ways to detect the temperature in your MacBook.


We fully elaborate every way so that you can follow them easily. You can use any method as per your requirement but we will recommend you to use fanny, which is a reliable tool for temperature detection in the system. We hope that we solved your issue successfully but still if you have any queries and are facing any issues while using these tools then you may contact us. We will be happy to help you. Thanks and have a nice day.