How to Run Android Operating system on a PC

Android Operating OS is one of the most popular as well as widely used OS in the world. Android OS is available on smartphones, tablets, etc. If you ever thought to run Android OS on Windows PC? If yes then you have landed on the right platform. In this article, we will discuss the ways through which you will be able to run the Android Operating system on PC.

Android applications and games are mostly used by millions of users in the world. If you want to run these applications or play games on a big screen like Windows PC you may be thinking that it is impossible. Now it is possible and you can easily operate Android OS on your PC by using third-party tools or an emulator.

The reason behind running Android OS on Windows PC is maybe you are an app developer and want to test the android application before launching it or a game lover and want to play games on a big screen for a better gaming experience. The reason may be anything you will be able to run Android as well as Windows OS on the same PC by using the methods mentioned in the article. You can run Android OS on Windows PC either using a virtual machine or an emulator. So, without any delay let’s discuss the ways to run Android Operating System on a PC.

Different ways to Run Android Operating system on a PC

Method 1: Bluestacks

When we talk about running Android apps on Windows PC the first and foremost emulator comes to our mind Bluestacks. BlueStacks is one of the best android OS for PC which helps to run android apps on computer. It is one of the powerful emulators that allow you to run 32 and 64-bit Android games. It consumes 5GB of disk space on your PC. It doesn’t replace your entire OS but lets you run Android apps within a Window on the Windows desktop.

The latest version of Bluestacks is Bluestacks 5 which offers you a great and customizable home screen. You need to install Bluestacks 5 from its official website. Now download any of the windows applications of your choice from the play store. It will be displayed on the BlueStacks home screen or your PC’s desktop. After that navigate to the downloaded application or game and double click on it to run the application.

If you want to use BlueStacks specifically for the purpose of playing the android game on your Windows PC then you should use the Bluestacks X version. It is a cloud-based solution and that is why you need not download any android game to play on Windows PC. It uses hybrid cloud technology to play android games. Bluestack X allows you to customize game controls as per your choice to offer you a great gaming experience.

Method 2: GenyMotion

Genymotion is one of the best emulators if you want to explore Android OS itself. It is not like Bluestacks which only lets you access the android apps on the Windows screen. If you want to get a full experience like you are using an Android device then Genymotion is the best option for you.

Genymotion is specially created for the developers who want to test the android apps and their features before launching them. It costs you if you want to use it but it also offers a free version for personal use. To use this software you first need to create an account on its site. It uses VirtualBox to emulate android so you need to install VirtualBox on your system. Download Genymotion for personal use.

After installing Genymotion, open it and create your account when you successfully created your account, activate it and log in to the credentials. Next, click on the plus icon and choose the device you want to emulate.

If you are a developer then you need to pay some charges to test your android apps on windows PC and if you want to play android games on your system then you can use the free version.

Method 3: MEmu

MEmu is one of the powerful android emulators that offers you a great experience of android games on your Windows PC. The application allows you to run Android Operating System on a PC. It runs smoothly on your PC and doesn’t consume much system space and resources. While other emulators are hard to use, MEmu offers simple functionality.

You only need to click on the APK button given at the right side of the page. Choose the APK of the game you want to install. It will install in a few seconds. You can easily play the game with a mouse or keyboard as per your preferences. You can also modify the game controls. It is a great application that lets you access millions of free Android games.

The only drawback of MEmu is that it consists of a lot of advertisements. Also, it charges a specific amount to use on your Windows PC. But it is quite worthy as it offers great functionality as an android emulator.

Method 4: Download Android applications using Amazon AppStore

You can use this method only when you have Windows 11 and fulfills the system requirement. In Windows 11, Microsoft has added a feature that is built-in support for Android apps. Update your Windows OS and Microsoft store.

Now, to use Android applications on Windows PC, install Amazon Appstore and Windows SubSystem for Android. Now, you will be able to download the Android apps on your Windows PC using Amazon’s storefront.

Conclusion Android Operating

Android OS is one of the most popular and robust OS available only on smartphones, tablets, etc. But in case you don’t have a smartphone and want to access Android apps or games, you can use them on your Windows PC using an emulator.

In the above article, we have listed several ways that let you operate Android OS even on your PC. I hope you like the article and it can help you and using the above methods you can run Android Operating system on PC.