How We Ruin Our Sleep that Ruins Our Health

Sleep Well :

A good night’s sleep is a rare thing to get these days, and what if we say we are responsible for it in some ways.

Yes, lifestyle is hectic, and everything is way different as they were at least 50 years ago.

But this is also true that we, as the most intelligent being on earth, can still make out new and efficient ways to manage our time and prepare for a good rest in the night.

Or in the morning (in case you are working the night shift).

According to researchers and doctors from all over the world, the problem doesn’t always lie in the environment.

You cannot blame your surroundings as the factor disrupting your sleep.

Rather, in many cases, it is the lack of intention and approaches in preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep.

So, do these lack of intentions are fuelled more by some vital sleeping mistakes we probably make each day?

Actually, yes!

So, it is time you learn about them in order to keep them at bay.

  • What Sleep Errors Do We Need to Rectify?


Sleep cannot be as quick a visitor to you as a quick online loan in Ireland, but it can surely work with you that way if you have practised enough.

Practising matters!

The environment we live in has to be evaluated. You can start making newer good habits. To get a proper resting session, you may consult your GP anytime.

But, why a GP for sleep advice?

Well, read this statistic as found by Sleep Foundation:

“32.6% of working adults reported sleeping six or fewer hours per night in 2017-2018, up from 28.4% in 2008-2009.”

That is alarming when we consider 2022.

So, without further ado, let us get to know about these mistakes right away.

  • A Good Binge Time before Sleeping
  • Lights on?
  • Eating and Then Hopping on to Bed Immediately
  • Too Much of Coffee; Alcohol or Smoking?
  • You Can Keep Your Phone aside
  • Working out at Bedtime? Not a Good Idea
  • Not Following a Steady Sleep Schedule?
  • Wrong Room Temperature
  • Sound Can Be an Issue
  • Taking Really Long Naps

Well, we have got to know even more about them. So, read on…

  1. A Good Binge Time before Sleeping

No offence to the popular web streaming services.

They actually keep us happy after all that stress.

But, just like other things, your binging can be over before your supper.

And binging on the bed? Not a good idea at all!

Science says that your eyes work as a receptor of the environment. They see the light, and a signal is sent in your brain that it is probably daytime and that you need to be alert.

The need for being more alert releases hormones that drive sleep away. You become more focused and alert in your bodily systems.

Well, that’s okay when you want to work (in the mornings). But that is not going to be a healthy thing when your body wants to get a nap, right?

  1. Lights on?

So, are you afraid of the dark?

That is natural for some people.

Keeping the lights on will not do you any good. It will again send wrong signals to your eyes, resulting in alertness that reverses sleep.

You can use an eye mask or a sleep mask to cover your eyes while keeping the lights on.

And if you are not afraid of the dark, then please go and draw the curtains and make your room dark so that you can have a peaceful sleep.

  1. Eating and Then Hopping on to Bed Immediately

Your food is not the problem. The time you eat is.

When you are eating too close to bedtime, you can develop a condition called acid-reflux as the food you eat can reverse its way to your oesophagus because of your posture of lying down on the bed.

You get this feeling of food travelling up your throat and remaining there.

This can also cause serious health issues in the future as constant acid reflux may develop cancer in the oesophagus or the food tube.

Don’t worry. Keep yourself in a seated position for at least 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. Take occasional walks or do some light tidying up or other chores like cleaning the dishes and rearranging your bookshelf or just taking a book from it and reading it in a seated posture for an hour.

And then go to sleep.

  1. Too Much of Coffee; Alcohol; or Smoking?

Not a good idea again!

Too much coffee keeps your nervous system alert.

While that alertness can certainly be useful to take out a quick online loan in Ireland, it may not be good for your sleep.

Oh yes! Not just coffee, but alcohol and smoking have the same effect on your body.

So, do something simple: Eradicate all of them before bedtime.

  1. You Can Keep Your Phone aside

Binging and spending time on your phone browsing social media can be the same thing.

Both keep you engaged.

And both emit light to fool your brain.

So, keep your phone aside.

Don’t switch it off in case of emergency calls.

But, try to get some shut-eye rather than scrolling eternally down your social media wall.

  1. Working out at Bedtime? Not a Good Idea

Workouts and exercises are great. They keep you happy. They keep you engaged and, above all, they keep you fit.

However, working out before bedtime raises your adrenaline levels because that is an exciting thing you are doing.

This Adrenaline will hamper sleep as it wouldn’t let the nerves calm down to give you that space to sleep.

So, work out in the evening and keep a minimum time gap of 5 to 6 hours between workout sessions and bedtime.

  1. Not Following a Steady Sleep Schedule?

So, you slept today for 8 hours, which is great!

And on the next day, you have probably had asleep for 5 hours only as you have got to finalise your presentation for the next meeting.

You had a plan of sleeping for a full 8 hours before the meeting. But, in the worries and another ‘stress relieving binge session’, you stayed up awake late at night and ended up sleeping for 6 hours.

And you had it periodically.

That’s never going to give you the benefits of sleep.

Rather, it is going to do the exact opposite.

Stop doing so. Make a fixed schedule for sleeping.

  1. Wrong Room Temperature

Did you know that cold temperature at the time you sleep raises your metabolism and helps you lose fat in a faster way?

While that can certainly be a good idea for losing weight and maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, you also need good sleep to complement that.

And that happens when your room temperature is adjusted to the normal level.

If you get a proper room temperature without any interference, then stick to that natural heat or cold.

If the temperature is not favourable for you, you can use your HVAC system.

  1. Sound Can Be an Issue

So, you visit your family at a housewarming party and make a splendid show of yourself by giving a good speech.

And then, having a lot of fun, you are super tired. You sat down on your bed to relax, and your cousin started playing that jamming in the room next to you.

Noise can be a great disturbance. People also complain that noises from the neighbourhood or the highways are distracting.

You can use an ear warmer or a faux to eliminate this problem. It works great too when the temperature in your room is a bit cold.

  • Taking Really Long Naps

The only downside of this factor is that you won’t feel very sleepy even if you are tired.

Some people take naps in the daytime.

While a nap for an hour or two can be a good stress relieving technique, you should always monitor your sleeping hours and prevent yourself from oversleeping.

Oversleeping may also cause heart ailments.

So, be careful and check how long you are sleeping. If required, learn more about exact sleeping hours and talk to your GP for further assistance on this.

  • To Conclude

Sleep is a natural thing, and there can be more than these factors which can affect it.

One great piece of advice can be given in this regard.

And that is, sleeping pills aren’t the solution. They can make you addicted to them, and you may have some sort of adverse issues in your health after prolonged usage.

It is better to stick to the natural ways.

Meditation can work a great deal to help you with sleep deprivation.

Plus, you have now known a few ways to be more cautious.

So, be that and stay alert when you search for a personal loan in Ireland online.

As staying alert matters every second!

Description: Go for a good sleeping habit to get the best benefits of sleep. For that, you might need to identify the common mistakes at first and rectify them one by one.