Top 5 Bullets for Big Hunting Game You Should Know

Try These Top 5 Bullets For Big-Game Hunting or Deer Hunting

Did you know there is more than 125 centerfire ammunition that is best suited for big-game hunting? Ranking the bullets for big game hunting is just like ranking the ice cream flavour. Don’t you find this complicated? 

Yes, choosing the best bullets for big game hunting is a very difficult task. It can depend on these factors, which are as follows. 

  • Powerful enough for everything.
  • Available at reasonable costs. 
  • Availability in both fireman and ammo.
  • Have decent range. 

Numerous online stores offer the best bullets for big game hunting, but Amory Anchor is the best online shop that offers premium quality bullets such as 5.7X208 ammo for big game hunting. 

Here, we’ve listed the top 5 bullets for big game. 

List Of Top 5 Bullets For Big Game Hunting

Below, we’ve mentioned the top 5 bullets for big game hunting.

1- .30-.60 Springfield

How can we put anything else in this spot? .30-.60 is one of the best ammunition for big game. The manufacturer of this bullet claims much more because this bullet has no doubt super pass than .30-6- Winchester. 

This ammunition is available in a wide range of factory ammo loads from Federal and many other manufacturers that offer a vast selection of bullets. This is one of the most versatile cartridges ever made.

2- .35 Whelen

We have a huge affinity for the .35-calibre cartridge, so it stands to reason that the .35-calibre cartridge would be high on our list. Why Whelen?

In terms of big game hunting, this may well be the best herd. The recoil is light, the .35 Whelan’s trajectory allows for ethical hunting distance shooting and it only dodges deer.


3-.375 H&H

.375 H&H is also known as .375 Magnum. It is the medium bore rifle ammunition for big game hunting introduced in 1912 by London based gunmaker Holland & Holland. It features a belt that ensures correct headspace. It was designed to use cordite, which was made in long strands. 

.375 H7H is one of the most useful bullets, especially for big game. With weight ranges from 17 g to 23 g, this bullet has the necessary punch for small to medium games. The most common bullet weight available in this calibre is 19 g. 


4- .308 Winchester

.308 Winchester is one of the cartridges for big game hunting. It gained popularity in many countries as an exceptional cartridge for. Many hunters recommended it for whitetail deer or black deer. Also, it is the best calibre recommended for hunting brown and grizzly bears. 

5- .300 Winchester Magnum

The .300 Winchester Magnum is a belted, bottlenecked rifle cartridge that was introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1963. It is extremely versatile and has been adopted by a wide range of individuals such as hunters, target shooters, military units and law enforcement departments. Hunter found this calibre as an effective bullet for big game hunting. .the 300 Winchester Magnum is one of the calibres for hunters because it is surpassed in performance by the more powerful .300 Magnum. 

How To Improves Hunting Skills

Whether you do hunting as a hobby or activity, you need to improve your skill and get a better experience on your next hunt. A good hunter always sharpens their skills, takes full responsibility and always looks at the best. 

Here, we’ve listed the ways to improve skills. 

1- Know You Hunting Property

Have you ever wondered why some hunters go out and bring home the prey, while others come back repeatedly, with next to nothing to show? The main point is to get to know your chosen property and put in the time and effort to scout it properly and learn what happens on it. This way, your success is purely based on your ability.

2- Take Your Time And Ask Lot Of Question

We recommend you to spend at least two nights and two days at your chosen property – the longer the better. Talk to the property owner and ask lots of good questions – they are a treasure trove of knowledge. They know their assets better than anyone and will help steer you in the right direction.

3- Scout The Property

Go to your property map. Locate the property and mark walls, and check for tracks, telltale signs and vantage points, then mark them on your map and discuss your findings and strategies with your group. Hunting is a strategic and competitive sport. The more you spend looking at a property, the more you slow down and get to know the ground, the more you’ll see and learn.

4- Basic Hunting Rule Of The Land

If you want to lay on your back, make as much noise as possible, shoot anything you see and explode across the paddock. You can follow the basic hunting game.