Reason Why GarageBand Is Great For Making Music?

GarageBand Is Great For Making Music : Nowadays, high-quality free music software is available in the market and is able to record thousands of songs and provide numerous benefits. If you’re a beginner and looking for why GarageBand software is great for making music, then this post will help you a lot. Check out this post to know more.



GarageBand is a digital audio workstation used by people to record anything from demos to music that is ready for distribution. It is the best choice if you’re looking for software that includes a loop library and virtual instrument and virtual instrument and supports several third-party plugins. The best thing about this free beat making software is it updates regularly.


With the help of GarageBand, you can do the following things.


  • You can record vocals and acoustic instruments.
  • Adjust the sonic characteristics like volume, equalisation, echo, reverb, and so on.
  • Make music with the help of pre-recorded loops.
  • You can combine multiple tracks of music or loop or both into two-track song files.
  • You can also record a track while listening to one or more other tracks.



In this post, we’ve shown all the reasons why GarageBand is great for making software.

1- Allow To Install Third-Party Plugins


Garageband allows people to install third-party plugins. It is one of the most overlooked features that people talk about when they criticise GarageBand. It seems like they are unaware that this software has the ability to store third-party plugins. It is easy to grab in the world of plugins and gear, but if you find yourself needing additional features, you can almost get it from third-party plugins.

2- It Has Drammer Track


When it comes to drums GarageBand has a realistic approach. You can use specific features like swing, fills, and kit sound. Some people say it is an advanced feature but it is easy to use. As per the resource, no other software has come up with a default drummer program.


Honestly, the GarageBand Drummer track is a fantastic tool. Moreover, it is an incredible innovation to the world of AI drummers, and it uses a creative tool for practice.

3- Apple Loops


Apple loop has enhanced a lot over the last few years and quickly become one of the most popular features of the GarageBand Drummer track. This loop is totally free and allows people to use them to make music without worrying about charges or legal quagmires. It includes many samples that you can use for free.

4- Time Quantization


GarageBand time quantizer definitely does a great job. You can time quantize MIDI notes very easily and the same thing can be done with the enable Flex option. Few people argue that time quantization is running the soul of music. It is a tool for you to use if you like, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with time quantizers.

5- Pitch Correction


Pitch correction is a tool that many people use across every type of music, especially for hip-hop, pop genres, rock, metal, and many other genres. It is able to correct the pitch after it has been recorded is important for numerous reasons.


The main reason is it can save the singer and the audio a lot of time and energy, and help in the mixing process if something doesn’t sound right. Instead of recording the same again and again just to correct a minor mistake, you can use pitch correction and then you don’t have to do it.

6- It Has Ability To Record External Instrument


This is another feature in GarageBand and you’ve been able to record the external instruments. You can connect a guitar to GarageBand using an audio interface but you can also mic your amplifier or another instrument if you need.

7- Simple And Easy To Use


GarageBand is as easy to use as it gets when it comes down to producing your music. You can spend an entire year creating music loops and sounds already built into GarageBand without spending any extra money. One reason why Apple designs their products this way is because people choose its products for their workspace. This means you’ll keep the software updated with cutting-edge components.

8- It Export File Directly To Streaming Platforms


In GarageBand, you can directly export files to the streaming platform.  By using the share button you can upload songs to iTunes/Music, SoundCloud or share them with your iOS device. It has a very nice, simple, and streamlined process for getting your music up quickly on another platform. It is the best way to upload your music to YouTube, iTunes, or SoundCloud, but there is nothing wrong with doing it.


In final words, this is all about GarageBand and why it is great for making music. This software helps you to create a song that has too many instruments, effects, or tracks.