Shinzo Abe Shooting Actual Video Footage

Big News! Shinzo Abe The Prime Minister of Japan was shot at in broad daylight in the Western City of Nara

That’s in fact coming from Japan with the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo abe has been shot out in the western city of Nara. The reports in fact indicate that Shinzo Abe addressing an election campaign event for the election to the upper house of the legislature in Japan that is slated to be held on Sunday.

The forthcoming Sunday when he was on data and you can see the picture. Shinzo Ave was taken to a hospital after the attack. He’s reportedly set to have suffered a cardiac arrest in the immediate aftermath of being shot twice.

Now according to the report, it’s being said that he collapsed while giving a speech and was seen bleeding after he was shot twice. The Japanese government has said that his present condition is still not clearly established. Local media reports have ever have stated that gunshot wounds gunshots were heard at the time when Shinzo Abe was delivering the speech during the campaign event that led to his collapse.

Now it is at this point of time not possible to ascertain the condition of Shinzo Abe. Because there is no official statement that’s been put out in terms of what his health is like. But according to reports they are in fact doing the rounds on social media.

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He’s said to be not exhibiting any vital signs at this point in time that the attacker takes him into custody. He said to be a man in his 40 years old and his gun has also been confiscated. Shinzo Abe was campaigning in Nara, the head of the Upper House elections in Japan when he was shot.

How was the Rule of Shinzo Abe?

Remember, Shinzo Abe has been the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan. Who championed some ambitious economic reforms and also forged some key diplomatic relations. Abe was 52 when he’d become the Prime Minister of Japan back in 2006.

It has always been the youngest person ever to have occupied this post he was seen as a symbol of change and youth back then. The Abe comes from a third-generation politician groomed from birth by an elite conservative family.

His first term was pretty turbulent, plagued by scandals and discord, and kept by an abrupt resignation. Which he later attributed to his deteriorating health. And in 2020, the longest-serving Prime Minister of Japan also stepped down from the Prime Minister’s Office citing ill health.

What is the Health Condition of Shinzo Abe

This is the latest information that has come in where Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan has been shot. And at this point in time, no official comment has been given on his condition. But he said to be not responding to the treatment and is not exhibiting any vital signs.

What is the Reason Behind the Murder of Shinzo Abe?

Give us more information in terms of what may have happened. According to Benoit Hardy Shafran, This is something that is pretty shocking because of Shinzo Abe. The former Prime Minister stepped down from his office back in 2020. We have heard of what happened earlier this morning with him very reportedly has been shot twice.

And we don’t know at this point of time as to what his condition is present, like, you know, is there any reason at all as to why this former Prime Minister must have been attacked in this manner? Benoit Hardy is a professor of International Affairs at Temple University.

What is the Motive of the Shooter?

Well, that’s at this point difficult to know without knowing the motives of the shooter. However, what we can say what I can tell you is that Shinzo Abe. Even though he was the longest-serving Prime Minister in postwar history in Japan. Serving about eight years until 20 until 2020. He was not a fairly controversial figure in Japan. He sees many as revisionist figures.

And for that reason, a revisionist would ago regarding Japanese history. Which made many in China, for example, or in South Korea. Very critical of Shinzo Abe, also a hawk when it comes to foreign policy. He made Japan a much more important player in the region in terms of security and defense.
Everybody does not comfortable with that a lot of Japanese people. Also, they are very attached to the pacifist Constitution of Japan.

They want Japan to remain committed fully committed to the principle of pacifism. And so there were some people, therefore, who oppose him and his policies. But now again, just to go back to what I said earlier. It’s difficult to know at this point what might have motivated the assailant but just to give you a little bit of context around Shinzo Abe.

Absolutely, indeed and also considering the fact. That he dement off his shoulders about two years ago. Also, he steps down starting ill health. And give to understand that he was campaigning there. This morning for the upper house of the legislature in Japan.

What he’s going to be remembered for?

Now many people, in fact, look at the legacy of Shinzo Abe and they say that he in fact provided a sense of stability in the very turbulent politics of Japan. He was the longest-serving Prime Minister there and always Abenomics in some ways. Revive the flogging Japanese fortune so far as the economy is concerned.

He was a transformative politician in postwar Japan. So when he came to power, first in 2006, but when he came back in 2012, she followed a string of very short-lived Prime Ministers until came to power. The tendency in Japan was for fairly unstable leadership within the ruling LDP. The Liberal Democratic Party and prime ministers often lasted less than one year in office. So for Ave Shinzo to come to the office in the last eight years, in and of itself was quite an accomplishment.

What is Abe’s Role in japan’s economic transformation?

Now, it was not only the length of time he was in office but also the policies that he enacted. You mentioned very rightly, his economic policies, there was the so-called Abenomics. That means reviving the Japanese economy. And that was fairly successful.

But Benoit Hardy says that he was more transformative in terms of defense security and foreign policy. Japan since World War Two had traditionally been fairly low-key low profile. When it came to security. But Shinzo Ave has reinforced the self-defense forces.

So basically the military of Japan and all but name made Japan a much more consequential player in the region. And more vocal in international affairs. So it basically transformed Japan from being a country with a policy of a small middle power to truly a foreign policy. That is more in line with the size and the economy of Japan. So quite a towering and important figure in Japanese history.