Simple Ways to Solve the Errors are Found in the PST File

The Query of Errors are Found in the PST File is Solved

Hello there, today we’re going to talk about what to do if errors are found in the PST file occur.

pst. It’s fascinating to learn and accomplish all of these things; else, we risk losing a lot of money and damaging our corporate brand. So use the expert-recommended PST repair tool for a fast process.

Let’s look at the Technique for Repairing a Corrupted Outlook PST File, Which is illustrated below:

We’ll start by downloading the file from the Microsoft server.

You will receive an executable file (.exe file) named after downloading. The image of the downloaded file is shown in Figure 1.

Now you must open the downloaded file by double-clicking it, and you will see the Easy Fix window, To proceed with repairing the issue with the Microsoft Outlook PST file, simply click the “Next” button in this window. Microsoft Corporation’s Publisher Information can be found right here.

When you click the next button, you’ll see that the problem detection processing has begun, The problem is being rectified, and when it is finished, you will see the screen, which indicates that the troubleshooting has been done and the problem has been resolved.

Start ScanPST from its default directory (C:Program Files(x86)).

Office16 (Microsoft Office)

Following that, a new window will appear with the name Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool. You’ll notice that the default location for your PST file has already been picked. If you want to repair errors are found in the PST file from another location on your computer, you must first choose the PST file by pressing the “Browse” button, then choosing the file and pressing the “Open” button.

The selected file location path will now appear in the box. Simply press the Start button, 

Following some processing, you will see the file’s status, including the file’s location, the number of folders available in the PST file, and the total objects located in the file.

Make sure that the Make a backup of the scanned file before repairing checkbox is selected, and then click the “Repair” button.

Finally, you will see the Repair Complete window. Simply click the “OK” button to close the Easy Fix window that was previously opened. The Outlook PST file has now been successfully repaired.

After repairing the errors are found in the PST file, you can import the PST file into MS Outlook.

Finally, Resolve Errors in the Outlook.pst File Have Been Found

In this blog, we explored how to repair the errors are found in the PST file using Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST, which is available for free. ScanPST, on the other hand, works for simple PST file corruption; for severely corrupted files, you’ll need to use an advanced Outlook PST Repair program.