X Apps that Use Exceptionally Secure Interface for Users

X Apps: Mobile devices are increasing in their popularity. The convenience and functionality offered by these devices are attracting a whole generation towards it. According to Techjury.net, mobile users have increased by 10% over the last year. And about 51% of the time spent by the users online in the USA is on mobile phones.

These devices have applications that enable users to engage in various activities. Businesses can collect valuable information through these applications like usage stats, phone numbers, likes, and dislikes. This helps the companies to make precise decisions about their future business plans.

Thus, the need for mobile app security has become evident.

What is a Secure Mobile Interface? X Apps

Mobile app security is a measure to secure applications from threats like digital frauds and malware. It has become an essential component in today’s virtual world as a breach in security can give hackers access to an individual’s personal information.

They can use information like the customers’ credit card numbers, location, or personal details for malicious causes. A study conducted by IBM discovered some shocking info about mobile app security. For example, they found that 50% of the companies have zero budget for securing their mobile apps.

Also, on average, a company tests less than half of the mobile apps they develop.


When hackers find a loophole in the app structure, they are likely to swipe in and use the information at their disposal.

Apps with exceptionally secure user interface: X Apps

Following are the X apps that are famous for their secure user interface:


ProtonMail uses a substantial end-to-end and zero-encryption standard to protect all the files, emails, and calendar data. This indicates that all your data is encrypted when you upload it on ProtonMail.

The app is officially under Switzerland’s jurisdiction, so all data is stored on the servers in Switzerland. Its back-end platform features tough and impenetrable security measures.

As the decryption messages are sent and received through the ProtonMail service in the browser, the servers will store only encrypted versions of the customer’s email. There are no keys for decoding these messages on the servers allowing customers to exchange secure messages with any email address they want to use.


Steemit is a social network for bloggers and writers, enabling them to incentivize their work.

This platform uses Blockchain technology to encourage the readers to vote on different articles, which increases the amount of cryptocurrency paid to the writer after a week. On the seventh day of publishing, a post is committed to the Blockchain, which can no longer get deleted or edited.

These measures protect the writer’s work from censorship and preserve the writings of an author. You should install this app in your writing armor if you are a wordsmith.

Pinterest: X Apps

Pinterest is an application that focuses on sharing valuable information and images on the topics of your interest. The terms of services of the company and its policies are transparent for every user to understand.

The company is quite open about the amount of data they collect and how they use it for better recommendations.

Overall, the app is safe to use because users have to sign in, and a password protects their accounts. It does not ask for personal information from the users nor does it ask for financial information, such as, bank account details.

An open-sourced, decentralized photo-sharing service PixelFed supports transparency and censorship in this application. Its features have combined to make it the next-best photo-sharing platform after Instagram. Photographers willing to expand their audience will find plenty of people here who would appreciate their skills.

Whatsapp: X Apps

Even though Whatsapp is an easy-to-use application, one should not think they aren’t vigilant about their security. The company has partnered with encryption protocol experts Open Whisper Systems. Their technology provides advanced and end-to-end encryption for all of its users.

The Security tab on its website explains how Whatsapp helps you communicate with anyone you want on its app. But all data is secured with a lock that no third party can open.

One of the primary reasons for its excessive success is its security to individuals and corporate entities. It creates a unique lock and key for every message you send that is accessible to you and the recipients.

When studying the security structure of Whatsapp, one should pay attention to the fact that Facebook now owns Whatsapp. In 2016, Whatsapp announced modifying its privacy policy to allow Facebook to access the users’ information and enhance its target marketing.

airG – Meet new friends

The airG community is where you can chat and meet like-minded people. It has more than 100 million members globally, making it an ultimate space where you can make new friends.

When it comes to the security algorithm of this app, one should acknowledge that they are using one of the highly-powered encryption structures. This helps to keep all conversations secure and prevents malicious entities from accessing sensitive data.

Moreover, the app helps people connect and reveal personal details of their own will. It is essential to conduct a background check when you decide to get on any app platform. For instance, in this case, reading airG reviews will allow you to settle in favor of this application.


It is normal to feel hesitant when sharing sensitive files like spreadsheets and documents from your workplace. ShareFile is one of the most secure platforms to help you relay information without any threats.

It secures files for their journey over the Internet while the files are in storage. The company has constructed a physical infrastructure of Telco-grade secure data centers. This offers an additional security layer and protects the customers’ data on the cloud servers.

This application intends to bring the users into better compliance that follows the regulations, like FINRA, CFBP, and HIPAA.

Parting Notes

Hackers can gain login credentials and access sensitive information stored on the application’s back-end. All of the apps listed above use the most secure algorithms.

All developers need to upgrade their app security to ensure that every mobile app segment works coherently. When the users understand and validate your security measures, they are likely to remain on your platform for a longer time.